Dullstroom, also known as Emnotweni, is one of South Africa’s premier fly-fishing destinations. It is a small town in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The town features the highest railway station in South Africa which is 2077 metres above sea level. It lies 35 kilometers north of Belfast and 53 kilometers South West of Lydenburg.

If you have visited this quaint and homely little town you would know the history it beholds. A Dutchman by the name of Wolterus Dull established Dullstroom in 1883. Hence the word Dull- in Dullstroom. The element ‘stroom’ refers to the Crocodile River which actually runs through the heart of our pristine Spring Valley Farm.

The town was destroyed in the Second Boer War and the settlers returned to the Netherlands. There are countless historical ruins and monuments that are scattered in Dullstroom and even more that lie around the area in the countryside. It was slowly rebuilt with time and holds culturally rich attractions for people from all around.

Not only does the town offer a serene getaway into what seems to be a lost time, Spring Valley Farm has a blue gum forest where these untouched Boer War ruins can be visited.

Dullstroom is one of the coldest towns in South Africa, which is coincidently the most ideal habitat for trout fishing, making it one of the premier fly-fishing locations in South Africa.